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Reinvention of Success  

In a Pandemic 


Noor Al Sulaiti

What makes a balanced lifestyle

"We don't need to be perfect, we just need to strive to be the best version of ourselves as we can."

Afreen Ali

The power of affirmative thoughts 

"No matter where your life goes, or what you end up dreaming of, or who you end up becoming, make sure you’re your own biggest fan."

Marie Antoinette Guerrero

Exams: A Measurement of a child's potential

"Tests should be there to allow for growth to prosper in other areas, it should be there to help the prosperity of humankind,  it should be there to allow us, students, children to bloom, and not act as a ceiling that hinders our humanity." 

Fatima El Mahdi

Tapping into Fun!

"It's really important for us to respect fun, to relax a little bit and also be true to ourselves. If its not fun, ask yourself this. Is this really authentically me?"
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